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At Pool Fab the structural integrity of our pools is a top priority.  There are no short cuts and our team are required to perform to the highest standards.  We will not compromise on quality.

Excavation, structural steel work and concrete pouring are supervised by our construction supervisors.

The cost differential between a ‘cheap’ and a correctly designed and constructed pool, in relation to the amount of your investment, is a small price to pay for a quality product.  The enclosed specifications will provide all basic details of structure, filtration and finish.

Public Liability
Pool Fab has public liability cover with a reputable insurance company for 50 million dollars.

Plans and Permits
Every Pool Fab swimming pool design is approved by our own structural engineer and conforms to the Standards Association of Australia and local Council requirements.

General Swimming Pool Specifications:

Site Preparation
In some cases it may be necessary to undertake site preparation works prior to commencement of the earthworks such as:

  • Removal of fences, walls or gates to provide access for machinery
  • Demolition of outbuildings
  • Clearing of the access pathway
  • Removal of trees or overhanging branches
  • Break-up and removal of concrete paving
  • Relocation of underground service lines (sewer, stormwater, electrical, sprinklers etc) we have a plumber on standby.

Although normally excluded from our proposal we are always prepared to discuss these works with you onsite before the pool begins.


Datum Point Explanation
This is a fixed reference point to which the structural or finished heights of the swimming pool are referenced.

In normal circumstances the pool is excavated by a 7 tonne excavator.

This may vary however depending on:

  • Availability of access to the pool area
  • Slope of the access pathway and pool site
  • Total area of the pool site
  • Underground soil conditions

Your Pool Fab swimming pool quotation will normally include all truck hire.

Mini Loader
Where access to the site is limited or unsuitable for support of the weight laden trucks, then a ‘Bobcat’ loader will be used to transport excess soil to the trucks and this cost will be included in our price. 

Our experienced operators will provide minimal impact to your property.


On sloping sites it may be necessary to excavate and remove considerable amount of overburden to enable the pool to be constructed at the required height.  It is both practical and economical to also excavate for future landscape works, retaining walls and paving etc. whilst the machinery is onsite and access is available.

All site cutting and levelling costs related to our works will be included.

Rock Excavation
Rock excavation is not included in the quotation and costs involved will be discussed at the time rock is encountered during excavation.

Sub Floor Drainage System
The floor of the pool excavation is covered with a 75mm thick bed of aggregate to allow for drainage underneath the pool to the hydrostatic valve sump.


If all or part of the swimming pool is to be constructed above the existing ground level then it will be necessary to construct formwork to support the pool structure.

An allowance for formwork to the out-of-ground section of the pool will be estimated in your Pool Fab swimming pool quotation to undressed finish.

If the out of ground section of the pool is not covered by decking then rendering may be needed for a superior finish.  This is not included in the quotation.

Shoring up of cave-ins due to backfilled wet or unstable soil or sand cannot be anticipated and these costs are therefore not normally included.

Steel Reinforcing
The pool is reinforced with steel bars spaced in accordance with the Engineer’s specifications.  This is elevated from the walls and floor of the excavation on the 75mm bar chairs to ensure adequate concrete cover behind the structural steel cage.

Only experienced labour is used.  Our ‘steel fixers’ have many years experience in pool construction.

Concrete Spray
Special high strength pool mix concrete is then sprayed against the excavation by pneumatic pump and then trimmed to minimum thickness of at least 150mm in the walls and floor and up to 300mm in the radius for added strength.

Walls of the pool are vertical to within 5mm to at least 1200mm from the top of the pool in the deep end and 900mm in the shallow end.

Three (3) internal steps are formed in concrete to provide easy access to and from the shallow end of the pool.  Numerous options are available for step shape and finish.

Underwater Bench
The structural shell may also include an extra underwater bench area.  This is normally 450-500mm deep and located towards the deeper end of the pool.


Filtration and Hydraulics:

Hydrostatic Valve and Main Drain
A Hydrostatic Safety Valve incorporated in the main drain housing is designed to relieve external water pressure and prevent the pool floating out of the ground.

Surface Skimmer
Water is drawn through the skimmer box by the filtration equipment.  The surface skimmer has a hinged floating weir and has a large and durable leaf basket which traps most debris.  The skimmer is normally located on the west side of the pool, (if possible) because the majority of winds in this area come from the east and the skimmer should be located where the wind is blowing the debris.

Pool Fab recommends and sells only the highest quality filtration and pumping systems.  We will recommend only quality equipment from Australian companies with a reputation for performance, warranty, reliability and on-site after sales service.

3 eye-ball adjustable returns are placed around the pool to provide sufficient circulation to force debris towards the skimmer.

A six-way multi-port valve provides quick and easy operation and a pump will be selected to provide optimum filter flow rate.

Refer to your quotation for equipment to be used.

Plumbing and Connections
Our proposal will clearly specify the location of the swimming pool and the filtration system and will include all pipework necessary to install the equipment and accessories in the location nominated.

All plumbing to the filter system from the skimmer will be completed in 50mm impact resistant class 9 PVC pressure pipe with top quality control valves.

A well designed and adequately sized system of pipework and valves is the key to efficient filtration and low maintenance costs.


Pool Finishes:

The upper internal perimeter or waterline of the swimming pool is a high maintenance area.  Selection of the correct material for best visual and long term performance is most important.

We have a wide range of ceramic tiles at our Showroom as well as many other suitable materials to select from.

We will assist you in making the correct selection closer to the time of construction.

The interior finish of your pool is detailed in your quotation.  Pool Fab use only the best materials available and our installers are the best available in the business.

The interior finish is the last part of the construction process and normally the pool must be filled immediately after application of the interior finish.  This means your Pool Fencing must be in place and approved prior to interior finish application.


Service and Maintenance:

Water Treatment
When the pool is completed and filled with water we will start up and test all of the equipment and chemically treat the pool water.

Our quotation includes the supply and addition of an initial chemical treatment of:

    • Pool Acid
    • Chlorine
    • Algaecide
    • Sodium Bicarbonate
    • Calcium Hardness
    • Stabiliser

Our qualified Service Personnel will vacuum and initially brush the pool, superchlorinate the pool water, balance the pH and also adjust the total alkalinity and water hardness levels thus ensuring that you start with clean healthy pool water.

As soon as the water is clear and balanced we will meet with you on site to explain the operation and maintenance of your pool.  Included in the quotation is all the equipment you will need to maintain your pool manually.  Items provided are:

    • Vacuum Head
    • Pool hose
    • Leaf rake
    • Nylon brush
    • Telescopic handle
    • Four-in-one comprehensive water testing kit

All attachments are the very best quality clip-on variety.

A Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA) ‘Handover Certificate’ is your official record for warranty and guarantee purposes.

Final Site Clean
On completion of all works the site will be cleaned and all of our excess building materials and rubbish will be removed.

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