Pool Fab’s Guarantee to YOU:

  1. We guarantee that after 30 years of building pools in South East QLD we excel at what we do. The industry recognition and awards we have prove that you can relax, secure in the knowledge that you have made the right choice.
  2. We guarantee that there will be no ‘not includeds’ in your project proposal with a full listing of provisional items and no hidden extras during your construction. What’s more we strive to meet all your project deadlines and guarantee to keep you informed at all stages of construction.
  3. We guarantee that on handover you will be given personal instruction on how to look after your pool and a Customer Maintenance Manual that contains all the information you will need to look after your pool and extend the life of your investment.
  4. We guarantee that your pool is insured by us through SPASA, The Swimming Pool And Spa Association Of QueenslandWith the added security and peace of mind of a 6 ½ year structural warranty.
  5. We guarantee that you will always be able to talk to a real person and that we WILL look after you because we really DO care….7 Days a Week!
  6. We guarantee that you will get so much more than just service and quality because we take those as a given, not an extra.

Why would we offer so many guarantees when no one else in our industry does?

  1. Because we realise that a pool is a major investment and we understand that you need to be certain you have made the right choice.
  2. We don’t want you to feel as though you have been left on your own.  You will have your own personal project management team, with real person support during office hours AND on the weekend.
  3. If we don’t live up to your expectations and deliver on our promises we believe that we should shoulder the consequences, not you.
  4. We know that a common complaint with any building project is the mess and the stress. We understand this and alleviate as much as we can from your project. Because it is a building site we can’t remove it completely (as much as we’d love to) however, we do all we can to make it so minimal that you probably won’t even notice!
  5. We know our future relies on you. We’ve built over 3000 pools in South East Queensland and we intend to build 3000 more. To do this we have to understand your concerns, give you value for money, provide you with an exceptional product and be confident that you will recommend us to others.
  6. You’ll get all the statutory warrantees with us, however our Unique 6 Tier Guarantee goes further to give you peace of mind.
  7. We know that we are really good at what we do, we’ve been doing it a long time and have the best team on the coast, if we weren’t so confident in that, we really couldn’t offer you all the guarantees and certainties that we do. 
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